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If you've ever watched, or read the STAR WARS Trilogy, you've probably also wondered what happens after, Episode VI - Return of the Jedi, when all seems perfuct, with the end scene of, Luke Skywalker and his sister, Princess Leia Organa greeting friends with whom they shared the challenge of destroying the EVIL empire..Right? Well there isn't much to wonder about since all is calm and well....Right? WRONG!!

George Lucas, himself has not written any episodes after, Return of the Jedi, but has authorized, Timothy Zahn's, Trilogy series as the sequels to his, original Trilogy. Now don't worry, Lucas, is in the process of writing sequels for his series, but they won't be published for a few years, but for now we'll focus on Timothy Zahn's Series.

Time of Events = 9 Years A.S.W.N.H

Zahn's, series is,as mentioned before, a Trilogy as well. The books are: Volume #1 = Heir to the Empire, Volume #2 = Dark Force Rising and Volume #3 = The Last Command. All are exceptionally written, but I must warn, this Trilogy should only be approached by the, "knowledged" STAR WARS readers because, of its revised and expanded STAR WARS language.


The Trilogy starts off with, Heir to the Empire. This book is an intro to the Trilogy and basically brings you up to date on: what is going on in the STAR WARS universe, who is where, who is in command of the galaxies and how that came to be. It starts off five years after Episode VI and Luke Skywalker, has become the first in a long-awaited line of Jedi Knights, (YOU guessed it) Leia Organa has married, Han Solo and the both of them are waiting for their first set of, Jedi Twins, as well as Leia has began training to become a Jedi, through Luke. Little do they know that the, deceased Emperor Palaptine's, last warlord (Grand Admiral Thrawn) has taken command of the Imperial fleet, planning an attack at the heart the New Republic. For this Admiral has made two vital discoveries(which you will have to read about) that may be the core of the downfall of the New Republic.

The book cover to Timothy Zahn's, #1 National Bestseller, Heir to the Empire

The Trilogy then continues with the second book, Dark Force Rising. This book continues the story from the first book and is just a continuation of the Imperail vs. New Republic war. It tells of how the Empire has built their empire and are planning to once again attack the New Republic. It also speaks about there being treason in the New Republic's council and another evil Jedi Master, scheming to corrupt Luke Skywalker to the Dark Side.

The book cover to Timothy Zahn's, sequel to Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising.

Zahn's Trilogy then ends with the third book of the series, The Last Command. This book ends the series, at first, with the Rebellion running from te reels of the attack by Grand Admiral Thrawn, who has now put his vital discoveries to work. As the Empire prepares for another battle, Leia prepares for the birth of her Jedi twins, Luke has been sent to destroy the discoveries made by, Thrawn. Part way through Thrawn is overtaken by the new found Jedi Masetr, Jorus C'baoth and the Jedi master plans the last attack on the New Republic.

The book cover to Timothy Zahn's, last sequel to the Trliogy, The Last Command.

There are also many other books about the events after the Original Trilogy, to check them out go to your local Library, or you can buy any book at any Book Store.

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