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To properly surf this page you will have to know about certain characters and details, so this page has been made to inform you on them.


Throughout this page, at the top of the link pages, you may see some TEXT that say either: B.S.W.N.H and A.S.W.N.H. These are simply dates, which revolve around the Original Lucas Episode - STAR WARS - A New Hope. Just like our dates, which revolve around the time of Jesus Christ. B.S.W.N.H - means - Before STAR WARS - A New Hope and A.S.W.N.H - means - After STAR WARS - A New Hope.


Anakin Skywalker = father of Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker. He was a hero of the Clone wars and had a great ability to use FORCE. He later became a student of Obi-Wan Kenobi and almost perfucted his skills but, he was later lured to the dark side by the Emperor and transformed into, Darth Vader.

C-3PO = a protocol droid with specialized programming in droid/human relations. He helped the Rebel gang in their fight against the Empire and was totally loyal to his masters.

Chewbacca = a two meter tall Wookie, who serves as first mate and co-pilot on the Millenium Falcon. He has spent his last few decades as friend and co-worker to Han Solo, he also served the Rebel Alliance during the Original Trilogy.

Darth Vader = second in command, after the death of Grand Moff Tarkin, and the former Anakin Skywalker. After his transformation to Darth Vader, he helped the Emperor, hunt down the Last of the Jedi Knights and rid of the Old Republic. His fall came with his own blood when, Luke had his last battle against the emperor and Darth had seen his ex-son loosing, he killed the Emperor and thus lost his title as Darth Vader.

Emperor Palpatine = the ruler of the Dark Side and the Empire, he destroyed the galctic peace preserved by the Old Republic and all that was good. He fought to rid of the Jedis, Old Republic and Rebel Alliance, therefore being the core of the Rebels problem. His fall came with his last battle against, Luke Skywalker when, Darth Vader, saw the Emperor killing his ex-son, Vader detsroyed him by throwing him into a generator pit.

The Emperor's attempt to kill Luke

Grand Admiral Thrawn = one of the great military commanders of the Empire. After the destruction of the Emperor, this Admiral became commander of all the New Order and planned the destruction of the New Republic, which backfired on him.

Han Solo = originally a smuggler, star-ship pilot, and pirate, Han served the Rebel Alliance during the Original Trilogy Episodes. His strike team destroyed the Imperial Field Generator, allowing the Rebel Air Force to destroy the dreaded, Death Star.

Jorus C'baoth = a human Jedi Master, but a clone of the original C'baoth, who died in a Outbound Flight Project. C'baoth attempted to turn Luke Skywalker to the Dark Side, but the FORCE once again prevailed and he was destroyed.

Lando Calrissian = a former gambler and caniving cheat, who later earned respect through serving the Rebel Alliance. After saving Han Solo from, Jabba the Hutt, he lead the Air Force team which destroyed the Death Star.

Leia Organa Solo = the former senator of Alderaan, she became involved with the Rebel Alliance and soon became its most popular and influential leader. She fought in the Original Trilogy and was apart of Han Solo's strike team, whom she later married.

Luke Skywalker = son of Anakin Skywalker and brother to Leia Organa, as well as a former farmer on the desert planet of, Tatooine, who went on to become the galaxies most adored hero and Jedi Knight. When his foster family (Owen and Beru Lars) were killed by the Empire he ran off with Obi-Wan Kenobi, to learn of his past and of the FORCE. He joined the Rebellion to later destroy the first Death Star, save his friends from the clutches of the Empire as well as battle the powerful, Emperor.

(Obi-Wan) Ben Kenobi = a hermit and a former general of the Clone wars, had fought along side Anakin Skywalker. He saw Anakin's natural FORCE talents and took it upon himself to train him. Since Ben did not have much experience as a teacher, he allowed Anakin to be lured to the Dark Side, eventually turning into a whole different being ; Darth Vader. His pride had terrible consequences for the galaxy.

R2-D2 = a astromech droid, who used his talents to hack into the Imperial security systems, in the Original Trilogy. He was a very important asset to the Rebel Alliance since he helped destroy the first Death Star and saved the Rebel gang from death a few times.

Yoda = a Jedi Master who lived to be approximately, nine hundred years old. For most of his years he served as mentor and teacher to the Jedi Knights. His best students were: Obi- Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker.

Here is a timeline of events to show you when some of the STAR WARS events happened


This section is to inform you about the settings, conflicts and vessels in the STAR WARS Universe

Bespin = home of Lando's Cloud City, Bespin is a gageous planet in the star system of the same name.

Coruscant = considered to be the jewel of the Core Worlds, it has been home of the Galactic Government since its begining. It plays as a battleground for the events in the, Timothy Zahn Trilogy.

Dagobah = a swamp planet,sparsely populated. It served as Yoda's home after the Clone Wars, since he was forced to hide from the Emperor.

Hoth = the sixth planet in a star system of the same name. A frozen planet of wind, snow and ice was the location of the Rebel Base, after the Battle of Yavin. The Empire had found out about the Rebellion's secret base and there they attacked, wiining one of their greatest victories, over the Rebellion.

Tatooine = primary planet in the star system of the same name. A desert world which orbits two moons. This was Luke Skywalker's home planet for most of his life and home to Jabba the Hutt's, hideout.

Yavin = a gas-giant planet in an outer rim territory star system of the same name. Numerous moons orbit the planet, including the fourth moon, which served as the secret Rebel base, in Episode IV.


Endor = a sanctuary moon, with lucious green forests, many predator species and home to the Ewoks. This planet was chosen by the Empire as home of the construction site for the second Death Star.


Clone Wars = a terrible conflict that erupted during the time of the Old Republic. Heroes such as: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Bail Organa, fought in these wars.

The Battle of Endor = the most decisive engaement of the Galactic Civil War. This was the final battle for the original STAR WARS Trilogy. The Alliance fought for galactic peace and freedom, while the Empire fought for the final destruction of Alliance and the partnership with Luke Skywalker. This battle started off with a strike team going down to the sanctuary moon, Endor and their mission was to destroy the force shield penetrating the, second Death Star. The Alliance thinking that the battle station was not operational, planned an attack, thinking that they were at an advantage, with the Imperial shield down and it being a surprise attack. Little did they know that, the Emperor tricked them by making them think that the Death Star, was not operational and he knew they were coming. The Rebel air team, who were lead by Lando Calrissian, had been lured into a trap by the Empire and had to ward off the Empire, while the strike team was fighting a war on Endor to destroy the field generator. The Rebels, eventually had the generator down, with some major loses in air force, but they attacked the Death Star's power regulator, firing proton torpedos, the Death Star, had been destroyed, and a large part of the Empire with it.

The power regulator, before it's destruction

The Battle of Hoth = one of the most heart felt defeats of the Rebellion, during the Galctic Civil War. After their victory at the Battle of Yavin, the Alliance spent the next three years runing from the Empire. They left their hideout on Yavin, since the Empire knew its location and moved to a new secret hideout on the planet, Hoth. In the Empire's search for the Alliance, they sent out many, Probe Droids, to look for the Rebel Base. One had found the base and the Empire located their co-ordinates, do too one of Admiral Ozzel's mistakes, the Aliance had a little extra time to evacuate. The Empire attacked the Rebel base with, AT-ATs and legions of modified Stormtroopers, as the Alliance retreated to find a new base. This battle was a significant victory for the Empire because, they once more had the upper hand.

An Imperial attack on the ice planet, Hoth

The Battle of Yavin = the first major battle of the Galactic Civil War and the first significant victory for the Alliance. The battle was started by the Empire when, they kidnapped Princess Leia Organa. The Alliance saved her, but came back with information on the new, Death Star and the Imperial plan to destroy the Alliance with their new weapon. In an effort to save the galaxy and the Alliance, the Rebellion attacked the new Imperial battle station. In the end the Alliance was victorious, with the destuction of the first Death Star.


Death Star = a battle station created by the Empire, to be the ultimate weapon in the Empire's feared arsenal. It was big enough to be a planet and had the force to destroy one with one shot. It was used by the Empire in Episode IV and Episode VI, but both times was destroyed by the Rebellion.

Lightsaber = a weapon of the Jedi Knight's. They were power swords made of pure energy and capable of cutting through most materials (except the blade of another lightsaber. The lightsaber was used by famous heroes like: Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker.

Blaster = a hand weapon used by the Empire and the Alliance,to ward of any attackers. It shot out intense light energy, killing most living things.


AT-AT = four legged combat vessel, also called a "walker". It stands over fifteen meters tall, has blaster-proof armor plating and resembles a mechanical beast. The movable head contains the cock pit for about five people.

AT-ST = considered to be the ancestor of the AT-AT. Lightweight and built for speed, the "chicken" or "scout walker" runs on two legs. This vessel fits two people and is seven meters tall with twin blaster cannons, a concussion grenade launcher and clawed feet for cutting through dense areas.

Millenium Falcon = an old battered, but reconstructed stock light freighter of Corellian design. About twenty-seven meters in length. It fell into the hands of Han Solo after, Lando Calrissian lost a game of cards to Han. It is flown by Han and his companion Chewbacca, in which their past pretenses for it were to smuggle it later was used to save, Princess Leia Organa on numerous ocassions, as well as serve the Rebellion on their tactics against the Empire. It is equipped with security mechanisms, computer - assisted targeting consoles, boosted deflector shields, a very powerful hyperdrive, amored hull and weapons system. The Falcon is armored with two quad laser cannons, two concussion mssile launchers and a retractable light laser cannon.

Slave I = the starship which was owned and operated by the notorius bounty hunter, Boba Fett.

Speeder Bike = like a motorbike, just without the wheels. It is a small, one person repulsor land vehicle. They have an incredible speed with four directional steering vanes and a pulse cannon in the front to ward off any enemies.

Star Destroyer = a giant, wedge-shaped capital star ship, are perhaps the most feared of vessels. They average out to be 1.5 Km long with hangar bays for TIE Starfighters, defensive shield generators, tractor-beams projectors, turbo lasers, ion cannons, sensor arrays and not to mention many other oustanding details.

TIE Fighter = the main starfighter used by the Empire. Fast, maneuverable and apparently endless in number. Carried along in large vessels for attack on other fighters. Short ranged with two laser cannons and hexagonal solar panels.

Tydirium = an Imperial class shuttle, used by Han Solo's strike team to covertly reach Endor's moon.

A-Wing = a lightweight, wedge-shaped star fighter. It made its first appearance late in the Galactic Civil War, during the Battle of Hoth, on the Rebellions side. Designed for high speed and movement, it is equipped with: two pivoting blasters, targeting computer and sensor array, and a light combat shield. It was ment to be the Alliance's answer to the new star-ship fighter, TIE FIGHTER.

B-Wing = an oddly shaped star-fighter, this ship has a name not ment for B-Wing, its actually shaped like a lower cased "T". This ship is equipped with ion cannons, laser cannons, proton torpedo launchers and small laser cannons. They played a key role in the Battle of Endor.

X-Wing = properly named for its "X" wing shape, this ship runs 12.5M long and is equipped with powerful sub-light ion engines, targeting computer, defnsive shields, four wing-tipped laser cannons, and a limited supply of proton torpedoes. It is very fast, highly maneuverable and extremely well armed.

A squadron of X-Wings in flight

Y-Wing = an older Alliance model, about 16M long and fairly up to date. It is equipped with: two forward-mounted laser cannons, a rear mounted twin ion cannon, a limited number of proton torpedoes and a droid-interface socket.

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